Your feedback…

We are fortunate in that we have many friends and associates in both of the worlds that we frequent. Those worlds of information technology and antique goods. We have a sound grounding in both of those worlds which will help us bring to fruit those great plans we have for EVE over the coming months and years (ADAM being part of that growth… you saw it here first!). We appreciate though that our vision is but that of a couple of individuals with that associated limited perspective. We are absolutely commited to making EVE something very special but to do that we recognise that we have to please a globally based increasing majority, all of the time.

Eve and its subsidaries are a collection of family-run small businesses which have enjoyed steady year on year growth to date. To continue that growth and development we recognise that we need to step it up a gear, we need to step out of the comfy wrapped up warmth of those large global electronic marketplaces that have nurtured us in the past and create our own unique identity. Hence the birth of EVE. We will though be continuing to enjoy the security of those parent like companies and their marketplaces.

We are at beta-stage, we have many 1000’s of items to list, a website to polish up, and a whole host of ideas to incorporate into that online presence. If you are just dropping by, a regular visitor, a colleague or friend we would welcome your feedback and input on what you see, or what you would like to see.

Thank you for your time.

Eve & Stephen