Sales, black Fridays and cyber Mondays…

Between us we know retail quite well. From official qualification, both sides of the till and all manner of merchandise; From ten thousand dollar handbags in 5th Avenue to white and brown electrical goods in national chains to specialist independant boutiques to market stalls, we have worked all sorts of shop floors and touted our trade from all manner of locations in the past. Including classrooms.

Sales have a place in retail, clearly; but we have never had traditional sales in our ‘own’ businesses. Why?

How frustrating it is to buy something and then see it discounted by 50% a few days later. How annoying to know that the sale price advertised is just the normal price emphasised with a little star giving it a sense of urgency and come get me now before its too late fluffyness. When you have experienced the trade and a fair chunk of its tricks you can either embrace the norm or try and distance yourself from it. We will always go for unique independant and offer a personalised, trustworthy, fair and friendly service to our customers… our shareholders.

We wont do sales, ever. We will monitor the marketplace and try to offer a fair price for our products and services. We will negotiate prices where possible.

No tricks, no deceit, no hook and strike. We want EVE to be a peaceful warm embracing stress-free shopping experience. We want to give you little re-assuring digital cuddles just to let you know your business is appreciated. We dont want any fighting in the aisles. We want no part of the retail madness…

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