If you are local to us in the Vire area of Lower Normandy in France you can complete this form to send us details of items you have for sale, and get an idea of prices we will pay.

You can also use this form to ask us for a **valuation. Please note fees for valuations start at €20 and we will require payment prior to giving a valuation. Find out more by clicking here.

Please include at least one picture. If we need more information we will let you know.

Once your form is submitted and we have all the information we need we will be in touch within 48 hours with an *estimated buying price or **valuation as required.

    You can also email us these details at mail@euviem.com

    * estimated buying price is not guaranteed and depends on an accurate description of your items and condition

    ** commercial / retail / insurance valuation fees represent those prices we sell things for. Buying prices are those prices we buy things for