Site facilities and services

Our shop is open only by appointment for customers in Lower Normandy. If passing by you will often see us through the window photographing and listing stock as it also serves as our studio.

Our inventory of well over 20,000 items is only available online for sale, Our shop is for us to purchase items only, and for customers to collect items they have purchased from us online. We buy locally in person but only sell via our online venues.

Customers collecting from us in store will receive a 20% discount on normal prices. Contact us to pay for or reserve items and make an appointment to collect your purchases.

Customers visiting on a Saturday by appointment can also visit our colleague just down the road; Troc Mamie. Selling an ever evolving inventory of vintage and antique collectables directly in store you are sure to receive a warm welcome from Mamie Tracy! Link to Troc Mamie Facebook Page.

We have now also secured a second shop and storage facility just around the corner from our current one. More news on this coming later in 2021.


Buying services

Our local store is open by appointment only for us to buy items from visitors. Items you sell to us will need to be appropriate for our brand. Try a search in one of our stores for an idea of what we currently sell. Click here to visit

EVE de France on Etsy

EVE of Europe on Etsy

European Vintage Emporium our own website

Generally items should be collectable, vintage (20+ years old) or antique (100 years old). If you are not sure just drop us a message with a photo and we will quickly let you know at

Our shop windows often show a selection of the items we are interested in purchasing. These displays are changing on a regular basis.

Users of our in store purchasing services will be asked to supply identification. A registration form is available in store.

We also visit customers in their homes for buying.

You can complete our buying / estimation form by clicking here.


Valuations for sale, probate or insurance

Do you need to get an idea of what things are worth? We can give you trade and retail prices on vintage and antique items. Valuations for single items start at 20 Euros. 10-20 items = 15 an item. 20+ items = 10 an item. Your valuations will be given verbally at the time of viewing and written up in an official valuation document sent to you within seven days of payment.

Valuations can take place online, in your home, or in our store by appointment.

You can complete our buying / estimation form by clicking here.


Estate clearance services

We don’t personally carry out house clearances but we are keen to see your items before you get the clearance guys in! We are happy to come to your local premises and give you prices for individual pieces we are interested in purchasing.

As we sell to a worldwide market we are confident we can offer you higher prices than other local dealers who rely on the local market to sell on merchandise. There is no rush, obligation or pressure to sell to us and we are happy to give clients thinking time. Male and/or female callers can visit. English, French or German speaking.

We do have colleagues who will be happy to come in and clear properties for you. Depending on house contents these services can often be free. A ‘clearance’ service will see your premises cleared from top to bottom but of course we would suggest you call us in first!

If you would like a visit for valuation or clearance please contact us by clicking here.


Other developments…

Watch this space for more details of other new services coming in 2022. We have now secured another space just around the corner from our current shop. What can we possibly have planned for that you may wonder!

Make inquiries via our contact form by clicking here.

European Vintage Emporium – Sourcing locally, selling globally.


Our typical operating area in France up to about 100km of our store – We travel further afield by arrangement. Link to us on Google Maps here.