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I was born in Stoke on Trent, February 1966. Growing up as a child, I was always surrounded by antiques, classical music and art work my father had either painted or sketched. He was a professionally trained artist through the Royal Academy of Art, having a career with Johnson Matthey’s, a ceramic firm in the heart of the black country in Burslem, Stoke–on –Trent.

I always dabbled in art alongside him, but never really had an interest to further a career in this. Fast forward a number of years and in 2018 my husband purchased me the best present ever, a large ‘she’ shed! Here I began my hobby and rapidly filled the space with various art materials. I spent many hours in here, especially during the pandemic of 2020. I had been furloughed from work, to my advantage.

My art is extremely varied and I thoroughly enjoy trying new mediums. In September 2020, my husband and I moved to France to open our clothing optional camp site in the heart of the Normandy countryside.

I was fortunate enough to be able to turn one of the loft rooms into my art room. However developing the site took precedence over my art work. This year 2023, I once again began to squirrel myself away in my zone, my space, working on various mediums as a hobby and the occasional piece for friends. The thought of selling my art never really crossed my mind, but as all fellow artists know, there are only so many pieces you can complete and store. Now is the time to still enjoy my hobby, but to also sell on for others to hopefully enjoy too.

Please note I am not professionally trained, for me its fun and a form of escapism. Many thanks.