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My name is Nicola Churchyard born Nicola Dixon on the 13th September 1971 in Chelmsford Essex. My family then relocated to a small village near an historic medieval town called Rye, where I did my secondary education and got my art GCSE and from that wanted to become an art teacher but due to old fashioned family views it was frowned upon, so I floated through life not really knowing what other career path to take.

In 1997 I met my husband Thomas Churchyard and started a family, we have three children 24, 20 & 17. We moved to france , a village called fontenay in the manche region in 2019 after owning our smallholding since 2005, this is where I found a small art group called ‘Milly art group’ run by Kevin Whitehead who after 2 and a half years has made me enjoy art again.

I love to paint monochrome as I feel this gives you the delight in your own mind to discover what colours may be true also it gives far more detail to the subject. I feel I have finally found my path at 51 years old which gives me a place to escape too.