What discounts do you offer? How does your loyalty scheme work?

We give large multiple item order postage discounts and we reward customers with loyalty points with every purchase they make at any of our online shops including our Etsy and Ebay venues.

Points can be used to apply discounts on future purchases on any of our selling platforms. Your points are recorded automatically in the ‘My Account‘ area of our website. To qualify create an account within four weeks of your purchase (send us a message if you purchased on Etsy or Ebay and your points will be updated manully). At our Bronze rate for every £20 you spend on items you receive one point worth £1 (Please note. Points are not awarded on postage fees).

Loyalty point rates are calculated on your annual spend with us starting from the date of your first purchase. For example customers spending up to £2000 a year with us qualify for the Bronze tier award which gives them points to the value of 5% of their orders.

Customers qualifying for higher tier awards receive their new loyalty point rates as soon as they spend that amount. For example a customer making purchases to the value of £4000 in a single year qualifies for points to the value of 5% on the first £2000 spent and points to the value of 7.5% on the remaining £2000 spent. To register for and see your loyalty points you will need to open an account with us. Open a new account, or access your existing account by clicking here. To find out more see our trading policies here.

Multiple item purchases also automatically have postage discounts applied at checkout with customers only paying postage fees for the heaviest item they purchase. The rest are sent free. For example if you buy ten items you only pay postage for the heaviest single item.